A Dialogue Between Us

by Heavy Horse

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Recorded in Jordan's kitchen over the course of two weeks.


released July 20, 2013

Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by Chuck Parson
Mastered By Carl Saff



all rights reserved


Heavy Horse St Louis, Missouri

Heavy Horse is Jordan Lake (Guitar/ Vox), Seth Rodgers (Bass/ Vox), Dominick Valli (Drums/ Vox).

Influences: Frodus, Young Widows, The Jonbenet, Breather Resist, La Dispute, Converge, Blood Brothers, The Out Circuit, O' Brother, Touche Amore, The Mars Volta
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Track Name: The More the Pain Grows
Dead bones dance quietly in their caskets,
practicing for their day of release.
Your axe broke my back.
My chest heaves,
and I can't carry this burden anymore.
What you meant isn't what you said.
I'm not sure of anything that's in strore.
Your smile, painted falsely on your face.
Altogether red, torn apart.
I'll bury this in the place you left me,
altogether red, torn apart.
What you meant isn't what you said,
you left me.
Track Name: Gold Teeth
The taste of blood like iron on his teeth,
iron on his golden teeth.

The wolves' golden teeth,
rising above the sea.
His holy molars
linking you to me.

I have made my bed,
so I will lie in it.
Track Name: Atlas Burden
Anxiety and heaviness
creeps in though my mouth
and sits in my chest.

An anchor on my lungs
brought on by the absence of time
to weigh my decisions.
I give up.
I've already lost.
I didn't fight, at all.

Anxiety and heaviness
creeps in though my mouth
and sits in my chest.
Track Name: Never Forgotten, Always Changed
Can you tell me what it's like to die?
Because I can't remember.
Track Name: Tomahawk
I fell asleep for a long while.
Threw a tomahawk from the pile,
broke a plate beside her window.
Heard the noise and turned around.

The wall opened up.

I was there in the grass,
laying amidst broken glass,
when the sundial's shadow cast
over my face.

How long has it been?

The small knife slid across the floor
and became a dialogue between us.
It was the time breaking us to pieces,
creating the rust.
If only I could reach within you,
your shallow cold dim world.
Lift the sun and make it rise,
warm your hands for me to hold.

The wall opened up.

I was being dragged to a thousand places,
swore I recognised all their faces,
I couldn't understand their sounds,
so I followed them underground.

How long has it been?

Every day could be a year,
no more dial to cut our ties.
I would carry you till the end
and we would never die.
if you're still breathing
I hope you hear my voice,
they may bury us in the deep,
but at least we had a voice.
Track Name: Dark Cloud
His urn fell a long time ago.
A dark cloud billowed and fell.
I'm still choking on the ashes,
like I'll never let him go.

A part of him in me
I never could quite accept
a broken chain of memories
I never could collect.
I bent rings back in place
hung them around my neck,
I put it all back together
so i never would forget.

All this coughing's left me raw
my blood mixes with his dirt.
The leaves on the trees are dying,
or am I dying now?
Track Name: Hatch
I've done everything you wanted me to do,
so why did you do this to me?
Track Name: Hollow Crown
Breaking to the beat
of a thousand earthen feet,
placed just inside my skull.
Just out of reach, shifting me.
Ever so slightly, but it's enough.

Enough to break me open,
Enough to split my seams.
Fold me up.
Pour me out.
Collect all my parts.
Put them into boxes.
Set them in a line.
Label them,
I'm fine.

Eyes cast to the ground,
I held your hollow crown.
Track Name: What I've Left
I swam for miles and miles.
Just laid on my back as i washed up on shore.
Leaned back and stared up at the stars,
praying a drop would drip from that gourd.

His hand reached from the earth
and clutched around my neck.
He pulled my down into the depth.
Sprawling I reached for my dagger,
smooth handle missing from my bellt.

My hand passed through his face.
The phantom stood, un distressed.
My eyes widened as they confirmed,
he was the ghost of what I had left.
Track Name: This Instinct for Life Asserts Itself
I didn't know this it could speak,
but it spoke to me.
What was lost was gained,
but nothing is the same.
A crow's wing brushes my face,
It's caw is soft breath to my cheek.
A death brought life,
a crack cut sharp across his beak.
A door locked tight.
careening carriage on a cliff,
one more inch, no more life.

My life, my love,
where are you now?